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Who should I draw? by SheikahLover
Who should I draw?
Hey people, now before you ask, I do not own these pictures, they belong to the Owners of Tales of Xillia. I only posted it on here to ask which one you think I should draw? Its been getting a bit hectic for me (school and stuff) and with an approaching long weekend, I want to spend some time relaxing... and drawing seems like a nice alternative. I've been meaning to draw these 3 pics alone now for some time but never found it... until now. I won't be able to do all 3 at once, but I want to do one... I can't decide which one though. Do you have any suggestions?
Disclaimer – InuYasha is property of Rumiko Takahashi and The Last Story is property of AQ Interactive and Mistwalker. All characters, setting, etc. are the property of their respective owners. I, TriforceandSheikahArts, merely wrote this story for amusement. I receive no profit from the creation of the story. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise relating to either InuYasha and/or The Last Story. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author's Note – I have posted this on under my other penname, which is 'TriforceandSheikahArts.' I am the same person, but use a different name on DA.

I wrote this since I felt the need to write on a topic I've noticed no one has addressed for this fandom. With Yurick being so good with kids, I've gotten the impression that he would make an excellent parent in the future, what do you all think? He might seem cold and heartless to people who don't know him, but when he is with his friends and around kids, he's such a sweetheart. Take the start of the game, he's the one to rescue the kids from the 'tiger' the other mercenaries are fighting, and then there are kids in Lazulis Castle. He was concerned for their wellbeing during and after the Gurak invasions. All points which merely reinforce my notion that he loves children. I hope you all enjoy this one-shot.




She could hardly believe it. Less than two minutes ago the nursemaid had spoken to her, and uttered a single sentence which would forever change her life. "Sweetheart, you're pregnant." At twenty-one, Kagome Higurashi, a fellow mercenary of Zael the great's band of heroes was expecting.

"You're roughly three weeks along." For several weeks now, Kagome's body had been experiencing a wide array of changes. She grew tired easily, and awoke early in the mornings due to sentiments of nausea. Her head throbbed making her temples' pound, and the scent of numerous culinary delights sent her stomach churning in ways she had never imagined.

Kami-san, how will the others react? It had been less than two months since they completed their quest, saving both the island and defeating Zangurak, King of the Gurak. Better yet, how will he react? She shut her eyes, contemplating the situation.

Kagome sighed soon after she left the doctor's office, and made her way towards Ariela's tavern. Ariela, the primary barmaid and owner, was kind enough to allow the mercenaries' to continue residing there until they located their own permanent lodgings… or chose to continue their previous mercenary lifestyle.

But I suppose that's out of the question for me now. During their journey, Kagome hadn't given much thought to her future. We were so busy with the war, worrying about living to see another day that our future ambitions and dreams didn't seem to matter as much as staying alive. She licked her lips. But with the war behind us, we're free to move forward, and live our lives again… like we had before coming to Lazulis Island. Even so, their definition of 'living' had changed forever upon setting foot on the island. Their close knit bonds were pushed and stretched to their limits, as the political lifestyle of Lady Calista caused them to endure their own forms of suffering and torment. Like Zael and Dagran… She shut her eyes at the thought.


The name of their previous leader left a foul taste in her mouth. She remembered her first encounter with him and the others. She was nineteen, and had been assigned to work with them by her previous employer. "Listen here punk, ya work for me, and if I say ye work with these other mercenaries' for this job then ye will." Her boss Sneed was a heartless and greedy bastard. He merely ran his business for the sake of profit, and cared less if his employees died out on the battlefield. So long as he was paid in full before the work began, he was satisfied.


Kagome stopped walking, fighting the urge to swear in public.

It was a beautiful day on the island, both human and Gurak were out and about busy repairing the streets, shops and houses that were still under construction. Roughly a good third of the city had been repaired, but the signs of desolateness and poverty was profound and easily evident. A large portion of the population had perished during the war, and many left upon the Gurak citizens immigrating to the island.

Kagome saw the answer behind the dwindling population in people's eyes as she walked past them… those clouded orbs filled with mistrust and judgment. Racial hatred, disgust, nationalism; all words with slightly different meanings that centered on the same topic: the dislike of the Guraks.

Its no wonder there's such tension on the island… though these Gurak might not have been involved in the war; they are of that same race. It would be no easy feature to kill; the hatred and hostility would not disappear overnight. It would take years—no, decades, for the humans and Guraks to learn to live in peace, and interact with each other.

Hopefully this time it ends well. Her thoughts on the topic digressed as she neared the tavern. She spotted several folks walking in and out, their satchels filled with coins strapped to their sides. Kagome couldn't stop the grin from lining her face. It wasn't even noon, and already a handful of people had entered the tavern, prepared to drink and eat to their heart's contents.

Ariela must make quite the profit. She chuckled to herself and walked inside. The tables were jammed pack, and several people were leaning against the walls, drinks in hands chatting the morning away. Kagome barely spotted Ariela dash behind the counter. She offered the barmaid a meek wave before heading upstairs away from the crowds.

Her boots clicked with each step she took. She just neared the top stair, when a sudden urge swelled down her throat. Goodness, not now! Faster than a ramped Muruk, she dashed towards the nearest lavatory and heaved in the open latrine.


By sundown, Syrenne, Lowell, Mirania and Yurick returned to the tavern, their weapons and clothes partially covered in grim and Reptid blood. Almost immediately, Syrenne removed her weapons and parked herself in her usual seat—the centre barstool—and ordered a hefty amount of food and alcohol.

"That's my girl," Lowell laughed, soon joining her.

Mirania politely excused herself, opting to take a relaxing bath before spending the rest of the night reading another book she had acquired from the Castle Library.

The three left Yurick to his own devices, which he was more than fine with. Weaving his way through the crowds, he grumbled to himself and hissed in discontent over the scent of smoke and alcohol. At nineteen, he was old enough to enjoy such luxuries, yet he despised them with all his heart.

I suppose I'll see what Kagome is up to. The name alone sparked a brief smile upon his usually frowned lips. She chose to stay back instead of coming with us to the Reptids' Cave… She was complaining about a sore head and stomach. Earlier this morning, the three of them, along with Zael—who now resided at the Castle—were needed to investigate a sudden increase in the Reptid population. The vile creatures were once more terrorizing the island, and planning some sort of devious plan. No doubt they were trying to take control of the island… again. With the war over and the city and Castle still undergoing massive construction, the Reptids' found it to be the perfect chance to strike and attack when they deemed necessary.

Yurick rolled his eye at the thought, and softly rapped on Kagome's bedroom door. When hearing nothing, Yurick arched a brow and slowly turned the handle, entering. He shut the door behind him, and slid his dagger off as his eye danced across the room, surveying the empty unmade bed and chair in curiosity. "Where she could have to?" He mumbled to himself. Moving forward, he then noticed the open window and couldn't help but laugh. "I suppose she's on the roof."

The roof of the tavern was one of Kagome's favourite places. On more than one occasion, Yurick had stumbled out there through an open window, and found her lying flat on her back, stargazing. When questioned behind the ludicrousness of her actions, she'd merely shrug and reply, "It's the quietest spot in the entire building."

Yurick stepped out onto small wooden deck, which was a fairly new addition, built by himself and Lowell when the tavern was still under construction. Back then, Ariela thought it would be a good time to add onto the tavern. She had three extra rooms built, along with several small decks for the chambers. It was a nice touch in Yurick's opinion, especially considering how it provided him with easier access to the roof. Unlike Kagome, he was not the most skilled at scaling the walls of buildings, and the deck made the process much easier.

Reaching the roof relatively unscratched, he dusted himself off, and looked around. Off to the far corner was indeed Kagome. She was leaning against the chimney, and had her arms wrapped around her stomach. Yurick blinked in confusion, wondering what was wrong.

"Kagome, are you still not feeling well?" He knelt beside her.

Kagome blinked, looking up. "Oh, Yurick… I didn't see you."

Yurick furrowed his brows together. What kind of a response was that? He wondered slightly taken back. Has her illness really gotten to be that bad? Out of habit, he bit his bottom lip, puncturing a slight hole.

"Kagome, have you thought of going to a doctor? If you're not feeling well, it would be a good idea." He sat down beside her their arms touching.

She looked away slightly. "I went to see a nursemaid this afternoon when you all were gone," she whispered. Had Yurick not been sitting beside her, he wouldn't have heard her utter those words. Her voice was much softer than usual, which caused him to regard her curiously.

"What is bad?" Blunt and to the point, Yurick wanted—no, needed to know what was wrong with Kagome. Out of their entire group, she was the closest to him. For over ten years they had been together, wandering through town after town, province after province, country after country as they tried to make a living for themselves.

I still remember my first meeting with her. It had been raining hard that day… ten years ago. Back then he was not older than nine, and his mother had passed away no less than three months ago. With no signs of his father's return, Yurick was all alone, abandoned and with no one to help him.

I was shivering. It was late October, and it had just gotten dark. It was raining all week, and I was struggling to find shelter and food… I was so hungry… and tired… tired of being all alone.

Yurick remembered sitting on the old city steps, an old and torn jacket acting as his sole form of protection against the pounding rain. Around him, townsfolk passed by with their arms full of groceries, equipment, clothing and their own children. Not a single one paid him a bit of attention—sometimes Yurick wondered back then if people noticed him at all.

I was so scared… I had nowhere to go, and no one to help me… I just wanted my parents.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Someone had stopped right before him. It was a girl several years older than him. In one arm she carried a kitten, while in the other an umbrella. Her black hair was pulled back into a loose braid, and she wore a large trench coat over a white shirt and black trousers.

"Um, do you need any help?"

I didn't know how to respond… At first, I thought she wasn't even talking to me… I was so used to being ignored by everyone around me.

"Boy, do you need some help?" She leaned over to offer him a hand. "My name is Kagome. If you're lost, I can help you. I live with my grandmother not too far from here. If you come with me, we could help you."

She hadn't given me much time to reply. Before I knew what was happening, after that small introduction, she grabbed my hand, and dragged me with her down the street…

It was then that Yurick's life had changed. No longer was he alone, instead, he was always with Kagome. Everywhere they went, it was always them together.

I would always hold her hand… afraid that one day she would realize the truth and decide that she was better off without me… that she would abandon me like my parents' had, and leave me all alone.

Hesitantly, almost meekly, Yurick reached for her left hand, and entwined it with his. Kagome looked to the side, smiled, and inched closer, leaning her head against shoulder. Acting on instinct, he drew her closer, pulling her into his arms. Regretfully he had to remove his hold on her hand, but with her in his arms he felt even more content.

He placed his head atop hers, half buried in her long glistening locks. It's partially wet; she must have showered not too long ago. The realization made his stomach churn. If she's sick, she shouldn't be outside… and wet hair will only make it worse. His grip around her waist tightened. He knew that Kagome knew better than this.

"Kagome, why aren't you inside? Your hair is all wet. You'll catch a cold, which won't help with your sickness."

She sighed, adjusting herself in his arms, struggling to get comfortable. "Yurick, I'm not sick."

What? His eye widened slightly, while his mouth hung open. "Kagome, what makes you say that?" He felt the need to correct her. Stomach pains, nausea, fatigue and headaches were all signs of illness. What scared Yurick however, was the longevity of these symptoms. Had they lasted for a day or two, he wouldn't have been as worried… but from his recollection; the symptoms had been ongoing for roughly a month. He licked his lips.

"Yurick, tell me… honestly, I need you to answer me a question." Kagome mumbled.

This snapped him out of his daze. "Um, alright," he spoke. "But after answering this question, you must head inside and rest. Understood?"

A flicker of amusement danced across her sapphire eyes. Yurick grew more puzzled by the minute. Slowly, almost painstakingly, she adjusted herself in his arms. "Yurick, back in the Castle I've always seen you playing and helping the children. Even during our travels, you've always been willing to help out a child in need." Where exactly was she going with this, she hadn't even asked him the question yet, he realized.

Kagome continued. "You've got this… this aura about you; one that seems to attract children." She titled her head up staring straight at him. Yurick found himself unable to look away. "I know you've got a soft spot for children Yurick, there's no denying it." She chuckled softly, which Yurick couldn't help but smile at. Only Kagome could make him smile as much as he did now.

"T-this is where my question comes in Yurick." Her voice was turning raspy, returning to its previous whisper-like state. He frowned, but urged her to continue. Kagome looked down, specifically towards her lower abdomen. "Yurick, tell me honestly, have… have you ever wanted to have children of your own one day?"

Yurick's sole eye widened, glimmering in shock. What sort of question was this? His mouth dropped slightly. "Kagome, what in the Outsider's name are you—" He paused, a thought coming to mind. The headaches, morning nausea, her lack and increasing pickiness towards food, the stiff muscles… it all pointed to one thing. The previous statements merely highlighted the passing thought.

"Kagome, are you… pregnant?"

With little hesitation, she answered: "Yes."

Yurick's jaw dropped. All he could do was gape in befuddlement. "Y-You're p-pregnant." He stuttered, not caring if his voice cracked. He was too shocked to notice, let alone care. "Are y-you absolutely certain?"

Kagome was staring down at her feet. "Yes, I'm positive. The head nursemaid merely confirmed my earlier suspicions." A sprinkle of pink tinted her cheeks. Bashfully, she sucked on her bottom lip as she looked up to meet his gaze. "… She says I'm roughly three weeks along, Yurick."

He stared for a solid minute, not saying a word. Seconds ticked by before Kagome felt a hand slowly slide across her stomach. "A child, huh?" she heard him mumble, this time without any stuttering. "A child… our child…" The way Yurick said those last two words set her heart aflutter.

She caressed his hand, which still remained on her abdomen, "Yes, Yurick… our child."

The two then looked up and met each other's gaze. Words didn't have to be spoken, for their gestures spoke for themselves. Wordlessly, Yurick leaned forward and captured her lips, kissing her softly. Withdrawing, he chastely kissed her forehead before focusing on her stomach again.

"I can't believe it." He whispered.

Silently, she watched him, noticing the widening of his lips, and the way his eye sparkled brighter than ever before. "We're having a child… we're actually having a child." His voice, littered with joy, melted away her previous sadness. "I'm going—I'm going to be a father." This time again, he looked towards Kagome, his eye shimmering with vast amounts of untold joy. "Kagome, we're going to be parents."

She clicked her tongue. "No, Yurick," she scolded him, causing him to blink. "We already are."

Yurick shook his head and merely grinned before pulling her closer, kissing her deeper and longer than before. Only when breath was required, did the two pull away. Foreheads touching, the two panted as they stared, not once breaking eye contact.

Drawing small circles along the middle of her back, Kagome exhaled in contentment, a single tear escaping down her cheek. Without hesitation, Yurick wiped it away, his smile not once dissipating.


Author's Note: And there we have it, the one-shot is complete. I suppose I could have made it a bit longer, but I feel this was a suitable way to end it. *hearts* I had fun writing this, I can literally visualize it in my head… Yes, I suppose right now I am a bit enthralled with the series, which means there could possible be future one-shots. With the lacking of 'Last Story' fanfiction (crossovers and regular stories' too), I feel the need to contribute, since it's a wonderful JRPG series, which deserves much more love and recognition.

Thank you for reading, and please review,
Expecting - Last Story x InuYasha (Kags x Yurick)
I am a HUGE fan of The Last Story. Sorry if this is a crossover, but I love writing them. If anyone would like me to post more stories for LS in the future, feel free to comment. And, if anyone is interested, I am writing an actual chapter fic for the story on The pairing is Kagome x Therius (yes, another InuYasha x Last Story). The link is below. If anyone is interested, I have posted the prologue and first chapter. If you enjoyed this oneshot, then I'm almost positive that you'll enjoy the other story too.…

Thank you for reading.
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I am back and want to bring this account/page back to life. In order to do so, I feel the best way to get back into artwork is through requests. So, I will be taking in FOUR requests. The first four people to comment on this page with their request will be accepted. So if there's anything you want drawn just comment below.


1) :iconmarx-wraith7: A drawing of his OC Scarves

2) :iconwindygirl18: A drawing of her OC Windy

3) :iconstarlig: A drawing of Atem as a Harpy of Darkness

4)  ---- For whoever is interested --------



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Disclaimer - I did not take the picture. I merely found it off Google, liked it and decided to use it. Proper rights to the picture belong to the proper owner(s).
Hello. My name is Liz. I am an artist, a lover of video games and various kinds of anime and manga. I also enjoy writing and love swimming. My ambitions are to continue improving my skills in artwork, hence the reason for why I am on this site. :)

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